Ogier Appoint Sarah Fitz As New Chairman

Ogier has appointed Sarah Fitz as Chairman of the Ogier Group from 1st February 2012. Sarah will be the only female chairman of an international legal and fiduciary firm.  

Sarah is replacing current chairman, Clive Chaplin who is retiring on 31st January 2012. Sarah joined Ogier in 1987 and is the head of the Ogier Personal Law Group. She specialises in criminal and family matters and undertakes prosecutions on behalf of the Crown. 

Commenting on Sarah's appointment, Nick Kershaw, Ogier group chief executive officer, said: “It is a real pleasure to announce that Sarah Fitz will become our new chairman when Clive Chaplin retires. During Clive's tenure we have seen dynamic growth and been the first offshore firm to open an office in mainland China and I would like to thank him for his invaluable contribution to the firm. Sarah is a key member of the partnership, I know that we will continue to go from strength to strength with her help and guidance and I look forward to working with her."