Opalesque Roundtable

The Cayman Islands are by far the largest offshore domicile for the establishment and administration of investment funds, the second largest offshore center for captive insurance and a significant banking and structured finance hub.

This new Opalesque Roundtable is researching what is behind Cayman's success story and what the future holds for the jurisdiction. In 1993, Cayman was the first offshore jurisdiction to pass specific hedge fund legislation. The process accelerated when the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority established the Investment and Services Division (ISD) in 1997. Hear from Don Seymour, the previous head and founder of the Investment Services Division and a former Director of CIMA, more details about the innovations Cayman was and is still offering. Why did the global financial markets embrace Cayman funds to the extend that they dominate offshore finance for years now?

But Cayman is also facing some headwind at the moment. Are the Cayman really a "tax haven"? Or are certain stances against offshore structuring based on ignorance, if not part of a political agenda? What do people actually find when they come and visit the Cayman Islands, their workforce and regulatory as well as financial infrastructure?

This Opalesque Cayman Islands Roundtable was sponsored by KPMG and took place April 30th at their Georgetown, Cayman Islands office. Apart from Don Seymour, who now serves as Managing Director of dms Management Ltd., you will hear from:

  • Jennifer Frizzelle, Partner with KPMG
  • Darren Stainrod, Managing Director of UBS and Head of UBS Alternative Fund Services
  • Peter Cockhill, Partner with Ogier

about the latest innovations from the Cayman and other essential developments within the alternatives industry.

 Opalesque Cayman Roundtable