Online services

Ogier provides a secure online service for its clients and intermediaries. For more information or to request access please contact

Access Document Share

Document Share (provided by Safelink) is a data room and bundling solution, to manage document exchange, document bundling and access securely. Users can set up email notifications and access their documents, reports and notices on-demand.  Documents are held securely in one place and can be accessed at any time and from any device.



DocuSign is a digital signature service that enables us to execute legal contracts online in minutes, improving consistency and the quality of our clients' experience. It enables our clients to sign documents on an internet-enabled device (like a mobile phone, tablet, or computer) without needing to print and add a wet signature, making contract completion faster and more convenient than ever before.

Final copies are provided to all document signatories and can be downloaded. There is no charge to our clients for signing a document using DocuSign. 

DocuSign follows industry-leading best practice for your securing your data and transactions. Each electronic signature is unique, documentable, encrypted. DocuSign ensures the confidentiality of all transactions and maintains a comprehensive audit trail of signatures.

DocuSign is ISO 27001:2013 and SSAE 16, SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2 certified and tested internationally, across the Ogier Group and its data centres. More information about trust certifications can be found here.

Find out more about DocuSign here or you can view our FAQs here.