Living and Working in Jersey

Jersey is the most southerly of the British Isles, is just 12 miles from France, and has a population of around 95,000.

Jersey’s success as an international finance centre has come from its combination of stability and reliability, and the Island’s status as a Crown Dependency gives it constitutional rights of self-government and judicial independence.

It has a highly-regarded health service and an excellent education system. With opportunities starting at nursery and continuing through to retirement, Jersey has a strong commitment to encouraging constant learning and potential. Numerous states-funded and private schools provide this ethic which is reflected in league tables comparative to those of the UK.

The Island’s varied coastline, from the rugged north to the windswept south, is surrounded by one of the highest tidal flows in the world, making Jersey a hub for sea life. Certain areas in the Island and its surroundings have been designated world heritage sites.

Ogier has active sports and social committees through which our staff get involved in a wide range of activities.

You are never more than 15 minutes from the coast and the Island’s varied landscape provides the perfect environment for a range of leisure pursuits. From surfing to golf, and petanque to rugby, Jersey is a regular competitor on the European stage and prides itself on its community spirited enthusiasm.

Together with Jersey’s buoyant industries, healthy lifestyle and high standards of living, it is a unique and remarkable place to live.

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