Ogier and Nedgroup Trust Webinar: Challenges facing families during the great wealth transfer

Location: Online

The next 25 years looks set to see the greatest transfer in wealth in history play out as those born after World War II seek to hand down wealth to the next generations. However, the wealth transfer is unlikely to be as smooth as it sounds. But why, you may ask?

Chris Hards will join Mary Humphreys, senior trust manager at Nedgroup Trust for a 30 minute webinar, with additional time set aside for Q&A, in which they explore the various obstacles that may need to be overcome by those transferring the wealth and those receiving it.

They will also discuss how families can manage these transfers successfully, overcoming the challenges posed by divergent issues (such as climate change) and different personalities (such as the overly entitled). They will outline the use of wealth planning and structures, as well as opportunities created by family offices and private investment companies, to help manage wealth fairly and sustainably for all concerned.

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