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We have the knowledge and expertise to handle the most demanding and complex transactions and provide expert, efficient and cost effective services to all our clients. Our commercial understanding and experience of working with leading financial institutions, professional advisers and regulatory bodies enable us to add real value to our clients’ businesses.

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Our experts provide independent guidance spanning advice and training to implementation and evaluation across sustainable investing, regulatory compliance and tech. Our tailored advice meets clients' specific needs, delivering flexible solutions and support.

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Our sector approach relies on smart collaboration between our business divisions, our service lines and our jurisdictions. These sector-based teams have a deep understanding of related businesses and industry dynamics. The specific combination of our highly informed experts helps our clients see around corners.

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Ogier provides practical advice on BVI, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Irish, Jersey and Luxembourg law through our global network of offices across the Asian, Caribbean and European timezones. Ogier is the only firm to advise on this unique combination of laws.

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We get straight to the point, managing complexity to get to the essentials. Our global network of offices covers every time zone. 

Factsheet Corporate Trust And Agency Services Chinese 5 Things

奥杰环球, 企业信托与代理服务 At A Glance Guide to Ogier Global corporate trust and agency services (Simplified Chinese)


01 January 2022

Hong Kong

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我们团队提供的服务:代理行、债券/票 据信托,证券代理/信托、结算代理、付 款代理,以及托管和注册服务

我们的专家团队可帮助您处理贷款服务和 债务发行的行政和运营工作

我们的团队由专业和擅长解决 问题的成员组成

奥杰法律团队与奥杰环球债务资本市场 团队紧密合作,为客户提供一站式服务

我们的团队成员精通英语、国语和 广东话


奥杰环球与其合伙人领导的法律团队携手合作,于英属维京群岛、开曼群岛、耿西岛、香港、泽 西岛和卢森堡为客人提供综合法律与企业行政服 务以整合和管理各种工具

我们经验丰富,应变力强的技术专家团队致 力提供最高水平的个性化服务,与客户通力 合作,以最有效的方式提供商业解决方案

我们与顶尖的金融机构、投资经理、企业以及其 来自不同行业如: 基金和投资管理、能源和天然 资源、房地产、电信、媒体和高新技术,以及基 础建设和医疗保健等领域的顾问携手合作


在领先市场的技术支持下,我们的互动企业实 体管理及客户服务平台Ogier Connect为客户 提供实时法律咨询和文件

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