Ogier family office insights in Citywealth Weekly

Ogier's Gavin Ferguson has provided an insight into the level of family office work currently keeping the private wealth team busy in this week's Guernsey-focused Citywealth Weekly.

As head of private wealth in Guernsey Gavin is among a selected group of experts drawn from the Citywealth list of Guernsey's Top 20 Professionals quoted in the article. “True family office work is really busy at the moment, where you have an ultra high net worth individual who is creating their own business, with their own employees, to run their structures and assets. We are seeing some of the most bespoke and high-value family offices that I have come across, and that’s a general trend.”

Gavin also commented that those mandates are great pieces of work because while they are led by private wealth partners, they also call on the services of lawyers in corporate, employment, property and beyond.

Gavin and Ogier senior associate Alice Bricogne are both included in the Citywealth list of Guernsey's top 20 professionals.

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