Ogier welcomes ESG expert Leonie Kelly as Director in growing ESG Advisory Service

Ogier's dedicated ESG and Impact advisory service supports clients with ESG & Impact integration, translating ESG policy into operations and navigating the evolving ESG regulatory landscape. Ogier Global's ESG & Impact team will work across asset classes with private equity firms, asset managers, institutional investors, family offices, foundations and corporates.

Headed by Leonie Kelly, a respected voice in the industry with more than 12 years' experience across the broad spectrum of sustainable finance, the service further strengthens the law firm's Sustainable Investing and Impact Funds practice led by Kate Hodson (Head of ESG Funds).

Kate said: "Ogier recognises environmental and social issues are becoming a business risk and clients are taking note. As a firm we are committed to empowering our clients and are the first offshore law firm to establish a dedicated ESG and Impact advisory practice, building on the strong governance services the firm already provides to its clients."

Demonstrating its commitment to ESG and sustainability Ogier supported Kate, a partner in its Hong Kong investment funds team, in undertaking a Masters of Laws (LLM) in Energy and Environment Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Kate, who is a regular speaker on ESG, said: "I gained great insight into this fast developing and highly topical industry, which has helped us to lay the firm’s foundation towards working with our clients on ESG risks and opportunities. As a firm, Ogier is not only advising clients on ESG and Impact, it is also committed to embedding environmental and social considerations into its own practices by managing its environmental footprint, putting significant resources in to its D&I programme and inspiring its people. It’s a journey but we are making significant strides in the right direction."

Leonie Kelly, who joined Ogier at the beginning of November, has more than 12 years' professional experience spanning impact, sustainability and financial services, across Ireland, UK and Europe and Asia. She was previously lead Partner of Policy & Practice at the Sustainable Finance Initiative in Hong Kong, working to mobilise private investor capital for positive impact. Leonie was also Head of Impact Investment at the Zoological Society of London where she was focused on developing conservation funding mechanisms to direct impact capital to help save species on the edge of extinction. Leonie is a Fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab of London, and holds an MSc in Environment and Development from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Leonie said: "I believe the very fact that ESG & Impact is gaining momentum in the legal realm is a sign of significant change for our industry and one which will bring a huge positive shift in the ESG & Impact economy."