Ogier's Guernsey team supports cancer awareness campaign by going Bermudan

Ogier's Guernsey team is supporting local cancer charity MUG's latest campaign to raise awareness by adopting traditional Bermudan business attire for the week.

The charity's latest fund-raising and awareness campaign has asked the island's men and women to adopt the traditional Bermuda business wear of tailored shorts and knee-length socks, and to donate money to support MUG's work in raising awareness of the signs of cancer.

With skin cancer rates significantly higher in the Channel Islands compared to the UK, MUG is determined to raise awareness and increase sun cream protection around the island - starting with children. This year the charity is raising funds to pay for sun cream dispensers in Guernsey schools to help protect the children of our islands from skin cancer.

The initiative is about educating the next generation about the risk of sun exposure – and it fits perfectly with Ogier's educational CSR theme for 2017. 

Our team taking part included Partner Advocate Gavin Ferguson from the Private Client and Trusts team, one of the founders and current guardian of MUG.

Gavin said: "MUG do tremendous work in the community in respect of raising awareness of cancer and I'm so pleased that Ogier has gotten firmly behind this latest initiative. Fortunately we’ve been blessed with great weather today, but because we're committed for the full week, we're keeping a close eye on the weather forecast!"

The full list of the Ogier Guernsey participants is: Mathew Newman, Christopher Jones, Michael Rogers, Alex Horsbrugh-Porter, Gavin Ferguson, Chris Hards, Craig Cordle, Caleb Holder, Andrew Munro, Simon Davies, Daniel Harradine, Jonathan Branch, James Hewitt, Chris Setters, Marcus Leese, Sam Dingle and Martyn Baudains.