Joey Cheung 张祖儿

Associate 律师 Hong Kong
Joey Cheung


Joey joined Ogier’s Dispute Resolution practice in 2018. Joey is experienced in providing advice and acting in contentious commercial litigation matters including contractual disputes, shareholder/director disputes, company valuation and insolvency matters.
张律师于2018年加入奥杰Ogier争议解决部门。 张律师在处理具争议性的商业诉讼事务,包括合同纠纷、股东/董事纠纷、公司估值和清盘破产事宜,方面拥有丰富的经验。
  • Background & experience

    Joey was awarded a degree of Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) and a degree of Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) with distinction at The University of New South Wales in Australia. During her studies, Joey accelerated her degree and concurrently completed a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at The Australian National University. Since her admission to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in April 2015, Joey has been practising as a commercial litigation lawyer with a focus on resolving contentious contractual disputes and insolvency matters.

    Prior to joining Ogier in January 2018, Joey worked for Austin Haworth & Lexon Legal and a specialist commercial litigation law firm in Sydney, Australia. She has acted for major banks, corporations and high net worth individuals in Australia with strong connections to, or business interests in, the People's Republic of China.

    In 2022, Joey completed a 1-year secondment at Ogier's Cayman Islands office and has gained practical offshore experience on ground.

    Joey is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. She is also an Australian-qualified Cantonese-English Interpreter.

    Joey is a Registered Foreign Lawyer regulated by the Law Society of Hong Kong.

    Admitted in:
    2015 - New South Wales, Australia
    2016 - New Zealand (not practising)
    2018 - Hong Kong (not practising)
    2021 - Cayman Islands


    • 公司及金融服务纠纷
    • 争议解决
    • 执行法庭判决和仲裁裁决
    • 重组及企业复苏
    • 股东及估值争议


    张律师于澳大利亚新南威尔士大学取得法学学士学位(LL.B.),并以卓越的成绩获得商学学士学位(金融专业)。在修读学位期间,张律师以4年时间完成了5年的双学位课程,并同时在澳大利亚国立大学完成了法律实践研究生文凭课程。 张律师于2015年4月获得新南威尔士州最高法院的律师资格,自始一直从事商业诉讼法律业务,专注于解决具争议性的合同纠纷和清盘破产事宜。

    在2018年1月加入奥杰Ogier之前,张律师在Austin Haworth & Lexon Legal(AHL法律)以及位于澳大利亚悉尼的一所专注商业诉讼律师事务所工作。 她曾为与中国有紧密联系或于中国有商业利益的澳大利亚主要银行、企业和高资产净值人士提供法律服务。




    2015年 – 澳大利亚新南威尔士州
    2016年 – 新西兰(非执业)
    2018年 – 香港(非执业)
    2021年 – 开曼群岛


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