Shane Quinn

Senior Legal Manager高级法务经理 Hong Kong
Shane Quinn


Shane is a Senior Legal Manager in Ogier’s Dispute Resolution team. His practice focuses on complex and cross-border corporate insolvencies, as well as commercial litigation and trusts litigation. Shane has particular experience in applying for – and resisting applications for – freezing injunctions, the winding up of BVI companies and anti-suit injunctions. Shane is a Fellow of INSOL International.
Shane 于 2022 年加入奥杰的争议解决业务。他的业务集中于复杂的跨境公司破产,以及商业诉讼和信托诉讼。 Shane 在冻结禁令申请和反对冻结禁令申请、英属维尔京群岛公司的清盘和反诉讼禁令方面拥有特别的经验。Shane 是 INSOL International 的会士。

Areas of expertise