Employee incentives and pensions

Our team advises on the use of trusts in employee incentivisation and pensions, acting for corporates and employees in a variety of important and complex employee benefit or pension arrangements.

The introduction of rules concerning disguised remuneration saw a decline in the use of cash plans. Despite this, Ogier’s Employee Incentives and Pensions team has grown as the volume and complexity of share plan work has increased.

Ogier advises on the full range of pension arrangements. We advise a significant number of banks and other financial institutions in respect of their pension schemes, for employees in many of our jurisdictions and further afield.


Employee benefit trusts

Establishing employee benefit trusts for the purposes of holding shares or options, either for warehousing purposes or to enable innovative and attractive incentive arrangements to be put in place for the executives of our clients.


We frequently work alongside other teams within Ogier involved in advising in respect of existing or new employee incentive plans where companies are being sold or are involved in a takeover.


Advice on pension schemes established under Article 131 or Article 131A of the Income Tax (Jersey) Law 1961 as amended. We have advised also on the establishment of more niche pension arrangements such as QROPS or QNUPS.

Ogier is a member of the IPEBLA (International Pension and Employee Benefit Lawyers Association) and ESOP (the Employee Share Ownership Centre). As members of the Jersey Pensions Association, we have been very involved in the recent changes to, and the revamping of, Jersey’s pensions law.