Expat services

We provide expats across the world with professional and legal advice in relation to their assets or other financial interests located in Jersey.

We can act as your on-the-ground representative in Jersey for a range of local legal processes and procedures, and provide specialist legal advice across all areas which impact your assets and financial interests located here, including wills, probate, lasting powers of attorney and property law.



Having a separate Jersey Will in place for your Jersey assets can provide many advantages to your family or beneficiaries after your death. It can streamline the administration of your estate and facilitate the process of passing your offshore assets to your family at a difficult time, for a relatively low cost.

For more information on putting in a place a separate Jersey Will, please download our fact sheet here.

If you would like to instruct Ogier to draw up a Jersey Will for you to cover your Jersey-based assets, then you can complete and return the following questionnaire.

We also have an online Will Portal if you would like to provide this information via a secure portal – you can find more information and sign up to be provided with a link to the portal here.


If you die leaving a sum worth over £10,000 in your sole name in Jersey then on your death, the asset holder will insist that a Jersey Grant of Probate is first obtained from the Jersey Court, and presented to them, before they can legally release these funds. 

Ogier can assist with the application for a Jersey Grant of Probate either by acting as the executor of your Will or by assisting your named executor by acting as their Jersey based Attorney. 

For more information on this process, please see our factsheet here which outlines the process in more detail including the documents needed and the likely fees and costs involved.

If you would like to contact our Wills and Probate team directly, please contact us on wills@ogier.com or speak to the Head of Wills and Probate directly on victoria.grogan@ogier.com

Registering foreign lasting powers of attorney in Jersey

If you have a lasting power of attorney, or equivalent document, issued in your country of residence or domicile and would like this to have legal effect in Jersey, then it has to be formally registered with the Royal Court of Jersey. 

Your Attorneys appointed under the existing document cannot validly issue instructions to your Jersey asset holder, relationship manager or investment advisor until the Jersey registration process is complete.  Once done, the Royal Court of Jersey issues an Act of Court which confirms that the document has been registered here. The Act of Court which should then be lodged with your asset holder, relationship manager or investment advisor, together with the original or an official copy of the lasting power of attorney document so that they can validly accept instructions from your attorney. 

For more information, click here for our fact sheet which outlines this process in more detail and the likely fees and disbursements involved.

UK real estate and financing

We provide a seamless service to international clients with a property portfolio across the Channel Islands and in England. Whether you are investing in a UK property or looking to refinance an existing asset, we can offer advice and assistance.

With experience working on the largest and most complex transactions involving real estate in the UK and Europe, our knowledge of the real estate industry and familiarity with sector specific concepts means we can add real value to our clients.

If you would like to discuss how our property team can help you, please contact Katharine Marshall on katharine.marshall@ogier.com.