New opportunities in an evolving workplace

This article was written by Harriett Barnes, Group Resourcing and Onboarding Manager.

Over the past few years, the recruitment market has become increasingly competitive for employers looking to attract top talent. This was true even before COVID-19 turned working life on its head.

For candidates, leaving the relative safety of education for full-time employment can be a daunting prospect but the changes brought about by COVID-19 present an interesting opportunity for graduates preparing to enter the workplace.

A new opportunity

When applying for a job or reviewing an offer – no matter the level, role, or industry – it is important to consider all aspects of the opportunity, including the company's culture and values.

Over the past 16 months, everyone has experienced a new way of working. This, together with the wider effect of COVID-19, has led many to reconsider their priorities and what is truly important in their day-to-day lives and, in particular, what they want and need from their employer.

A job is no longer just about the salary, benefits or title. Flexibility, the opportunity to structure your day and working environment to suit you, opportunities for development, and the community of people you would be working alongside are all important points to consider and are key to help you reach your career goals.

Organisations need to step forward and consider their wider offering to support the wellbeing of their staff. At Ogier, the focus isn't only on clients. We put our people at the heart of everything we do.

You do your best work when you feel valued and happy. We acknowledge this and have strived to create an inclusive culture that supports individual growth, development, and achieving personal goals (not just professional goals).

A growing industry

Though the recruitment market is increasingly competitive for school leavers and graduates, with more and more candidates applying each year for graduate and trainee schemes, the number of opportunities available is also growing. COVID-19 should not put people off exploring wider opportunities.

This past year, Ogier experienced one of its biggest periods of growth with plenty of job opportunities across a variety of levels and the highest number of applications for our bursary and trainee solicitor programmes.

Top tips: show your true self and avoid the essay CV

In the current climate, and its ever-changing state, all job seekers will need to be adaptable and dynamic. Show potential employers who you are as an individual, what motivates you, and what your interests and future aspirations are.

It's not always about the technical knowledge. Individuals should always be prepared to share more information about themselves, so prospective employers can gain a true insight into what it would be like to work alongside you.

Make sure you consider the job description and tailor your CV to match.

Avoid the essay-length CV as you try to squeeze in every qualification or piece of experience. Instead, consider what experience you have that aligns with the job you are applying for, and the opportunities that have enabled you to develop and grow your skillset.

Focus on what sets you apart, including opportunities you have sought out yourself (personally and professionally).

The application process

We have all been living in a remote world for over a year, and companies have had to adapt interview processes to match; for the majority, interviews are being conducted via video calls.

As a global organisation, video conference interviews have always formed a key part of Ogier's process. It allows individuals to have contact across our jurisdictions and, where appropriate during the interview stages, meet the wider team(s).

We recruit for a variety of positions and like to retain flexibility in our processes to ensure that we can react to situations, requirements and market activity. However, all applications that meet the initial basic requirements are reviewed by a hiring manager. If this review is positive, the candidate will be invited to a first stage interview; this can be conducted face to face, by video conference, or by telephone. If successful, a candidate will then be required to complete some recruitment assessments, which are issued to all candidates who interview with Ogier, ahead of a second stage interview. For more senior positions, a third stage interview may be requested.

If you are unsuccessful in your application but we feel you may be suitable for future roles, you may be asked to join our talent pipeline.

Our ideal candidate

Alongside the experience and necessary qualifications that may be required, Ogier looks for individuals who have the skills, attributes and the mindset to be part of our journey and help our organisation grow.

We want individuals with a positive and energetic mindset who are interested in sharing new ideas and learning from others, who are agile, adaptable and aren't afraid to be bold and take action.

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