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Big things are happening at Ogier. Change is embedded in everything we do. It is redefining our talent, our ways of working, our platforms of delivery, our culture.



We have the expertise to handle the most demanding transactions. Our commercial understanding and experience of working with leading financial institutions, professional advisers and regulatory bodies means we add real value to clients’ businesses.

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Our sector approach relies on smart collaboration between teams who have a deep understanding of related businesses and industry dynamics. The specific combination of our highly informed experts helps our clients to see around corners.

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Ogier provides practical advice on BVI, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Irish, Jersey and Luxembourg law through our global network of offices across the Asian, Caribbean and European timezones. Ogier is the only firm to advise on this unique combination of laws.

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We get straight to the point, managing complexity to get to the essentials. Our global network of offices covers every time zone. 

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Fund Administration

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Ogier Global provides clients with a full fund administration service offering.

Our highly experienced and responsive team specialises in servicing European, Middle Eastern and American based investment managers servicing funds domiciled in all major jurisdictions including BVI, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Singapore, Delaware and Hong Kong.

Our global presence gives us a unique advantage. With our diverse team spread across all major jurisdictions, we are well-positioned to provide local expertise on a global scale. We help clients navigate cross-border complexities. Additionally, we benefit from the expertise of Ogier's legal and regulatory divisions to provide comprehensive and integrated services. Whether it's a start-up fund or an established fund looking to expand its portfolio, we are committed to providing exceptional service that drives our clients' success.

Going beyond just providing a reliable resource, our fund administration team build long-term relationships. Working closely with our clients results in gaining a deep understanding of their needs and goals. This allows us to deliver tailored solutions that align with their investment strategies and objectives. Our flexible and adaptable approach coupled with our expertise make us a trusted partner to investment managers across the globe.

Our team services all fund types, across a variety of asset classes including private equity, real estate, hedge, fund of funds, real assets, venture capital, fund of hedge and hybrid.

Award-winning IT systems

Ogier Global uses top-tier, award-winning Fund Accounting and Register and Transfer Agency systems, including FIS Investran and Temenos Multifonds.

FIS Investran (closed ended funds)

Investran is an integrated end-to-end private capital software, which automates processes and covers the entire investment life cycle.

Investran offers accounting, relationship management and partnership accounting functionality.

To satisfy data-hungry investment managers, advisors and investors, Investran helps transform data into intelligence, enabling an increase in operational efficiency, enhanced reporting and improved performance.

Temenos Multifonds (Open Ended Funds)

Multifonds is a leading, single platform software solution used to cover the full investment life cycle for both traditional and alternatives funds across multiple jurisdictions.

The workflow and exceptions based capabilities of the system enable Ogier Global to continually improve efficiency and enhance the fund administration process to deliver a top tier service. An extensive suite of reports, which are customisable and can be produced in different data formats to meet clients data requirements.

Fund accounting and Financial Reporting

We offer fully outsourced, on demand accounting services which can be customised to meet the most complex of client and investor requirements. We have invested in best in class tools and expertise to establish and maintain a robust accounting foundation.

Registrar and Transfer Agency (RTA)
  • Upon receipt of the relevant documents, create, maintain and update as required the register of investors
  • Upon receipt of the relevant supporting documentation process investor subscriptions and distributions/ redemptions in accordance with the Fund’s offering documents and AML Regime
  • Facilitate the transfer of interests between the transferor and transferee upon receipt of the executed Instrument of Transfer Make such registers available for inspection as required by applicable law and in accordance with the Fund's launch documents
  • Facilitate the investor equalization process in accordance with the Fund's launch documents to ensure the correct performance/incentive fee is accrued/paid to the Investment Manager
  • Liaising with investors and prospective investors  in order to respond to queries or to update their data in the relevant registers
  • Disseminate investor communications and Audited Financial Statements
Investor onboarding
  • Receiving and reviewing investor subscription agreements to ensure completeness
  • Conducting investor KYC in accordance with the relevant Anti-Money Laundering Regime
  • Ongoing monitoring of investors in the fund, including daily screening, conducting robust periodic review of investor records in line with a risk-based approach
  • Conducting AEOI due diligence on investors to identify the tax residency of each investor and to determine whether the interest held by that investor constitutes a “reportable account” under the tax transparency rules
  • Reviewing documentation for indicia and any inconsistencies between the self-certification forms
AEOI services for FATCA and CRS compliance
  • Registering each entity deemed to be a financial institution with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to obtain a Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) submitting the required notification to the relevant tax Information authority
  • Reporting the requisite information on each “reportable account” to the relevant tax Information authority prior to the applicable deadlines
  • Completing the CRS Compliance form for Reporting Financial Institution and submitting to the relevant tax Information authority
  • Completing and filing the requisite information on Reporting Financial Institution to relevant tax Information authority
  • Ensuring compliance with the requisite record keeping requirements
Financial statement preparation services and audit support
  • Preparation of annual financial statements to applicable accounting standards
  • Regulatory reporting support
Jersey fund compliance

We can provide support in many areas in relation to Jersey compliance and corporate governance as we understand that this is an ever-changing environment with increasing complexity. Our experienced funds compliance team have significant experience both with the Jersey regulator and in industry. 

Whether the fund requires a Money Laundering Reporting Officer, a Money Laundering Compliance Officer, or a Compliance Officer or there is a need for regulatory reporting and dedicated compliance monitoring, our dedicated funds compliance professionals can assist.

Delaware fund services
  • Delaware formation and company secretarial services
  • K-1 preparation and distribution
  • PFIC Statements
  • Partnership Representative Services
  • Prepare SEC Form D Amendments & Filings
  • Blue Sky Annual Compliance and Filings

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