Developments with the UK Trusts Register and offshore implications

Ogier partners will be exploring the implications of the UK Trusts Register on Jersey trustees and the ways in which the register may develop at an event tomorrow.

The first Trusts Advisory Group seminar of the year focuses specifically on – which trusts are caught, the scope of information to be disclosed (to include analysis on letters of wishes), the position with regard to charitable trusts, EBTs, unit trusts and bare trusts and potential planning opportunities for Jersey trustees.

Fundamentally the seminar will also focus on compliance with local data protection legislation both in force now and the proposed new GDPR legislation.

The seminar will also consider whether the requirements of the Trusts Register are consistent with an individual's fundamental rights to privacy and the protection of data.

Finally the seminar will also contemplate the future of the UK Trusts Register (introduced in response to the European Commission's Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive) following news of agreement on the form of the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

Partners James Campbell (Private Client and Trusts) and Sara Johns (Corporate) and senior associates Richard Laignel (Private Client and Trusts) and Daniel Read (Dispute Resolution) will all speak at the event, held at Ogier's offices on the Esplanade.

"We look forward to a busy event because the questions we will be covering are directly relevant to Jersey trustees," said James.

"Regulation is changing every year, and understanding and anticipating how it will develop is becoming ever more crucial from a planning perspective – the seminar will be looking at how we can do that and what conclusions we can draw."

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