Jersey's minimum wage to increase to £9.22 from 1 January 2022

Further to our news release on 6 September 2021, Jersey's States Assembly has agreed to allow the Social Security Minister to set the minimum wage rate in 2022 without directing the Employment Forum to consult with stakeholders.

The mininum wage will increase to £9.22 from 1 January 2022. This is a 10.8% increase which achieves the States Assembly target for the mininum wage to reach 45% of the mean average earnings (currently £820 per week).

The trainee rates will also increase on 1 January 2022 by an equivalent percentage: the first year trainee rate will increase to £6.91 (from £6.24) and the second year trainee rate will increase to £8.07 (from £7.28).

There will be no increase to the maximum amounts that an employer may offset against mininum wage pay where staff accommodation and meals are provided. Those rates will remain at the current (April 2020) rates which can be found on the States website.