Be Extraordinary: Wellbeing at Ogier

In a recent interview with Connect Magazine Global Managing Partner Edward Mackereth spoke about the practical changes which Ogier is making to support employees with a meaningful wellbeing programme.

It's all very well nodding and giving an encouraging smile when it comes to a wellbeing programme but, if it's going to work, everyone has to be involved and it needs to be embedded in the values of the firm.

Law firms can get a bad press when it comes to wellbeing – and in the past it hasn't all been undeserved. Long hours, pressure to deliver and demanding work are all associated with this sector and while that remains the case, firms can make a difference, by better supporting their employees to achieve their aspirations both in and out of work without losing the balance that keeps them healthy and happy.

We've been working hard at Ogier to change the way we do things so that our employees understand our partnership with them. As part of that, we need to trust our teams and give them the space to fulfil their roles and own career promise.

If someone likes us enough to want to join us and we hired them because we can see their potential, we want that relationship to develop, and part of that is giving them the autonomy to make the decisions which are right for them and to support those decisions. We trust that our people will repay our trust in them, and they do.

The idea is that we help people to be the best version of themselves and provide a culture that helps them thrive at work and at home. If that means choosing to wear jeans in the office rather than a suit, that's fine. If it means leaving for the school run and picking work up again later, then our organisation should be able to work around that. We understand that people have responsibilities and interests outside of work.

Ogier has developed a consistent approach across the whole organisation and has encouraged a culture of straight-talking and active listening. The skills and opinions of individuals are respected and taken seriously.

Wellbeing is about everything that helps you work and live happily and Be Extraordinary.

We've brought this to life in many ways that we think sets Ogier apart as an employer. It can be as simple as listening, as important as flexible working and as complex as financial management.

Boot the suit

We have an open culture so you can be yourself. No stifling dress code. Just you, your brain, your ideas and your way of working.

Flexible o'clock

We're a company of individuals, so we'll support you to make sure that your hours, contract, development and working space meet your needs.​

No fake smiles

You do your best work when you feel valued and happy. We take a flexible attitude to whatever helps you do a better job.

Innovation. It's in our DNA.

We love ideas that create change. It's simply within us.


Come and embrace all our shiny bells and whistles. We love technology that makes life easier for us or our clients. 

Open from day one

What's the big idea? We're waiting for you to tell us. If you work with Ogier, we want to hear what you've got to say.

About Ogier

Ogier provides practical advice on BVI, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey and Luxembourg law through its global network of offices. Ours is the only firm to advise on these five laws. We regularly win awards for the quality of our client service, our work and our people.


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