Electronic signatures and the use of digital contracts at Ogier

With self-isolation and social distancing now the rule rather than the recommendation, working from home has also become the norm for many of our clients. Although these actions have proven necessary, they also present certain logistical and administrative obstacles to companies continuing their business efficiently and effectively.

Signatories may be forced to sign documents remotely via electronic signature (e-signature). Ogier has the ability, via our IT infrastructure and common use of products such as DocuSign, to facilitate timely sign-off to support completions administered remotely. Our Skype for Business video conferencing facilities allow easy access to our qualified staff, who are able to help on general queries.

Among the issues we have seen raised on a number occasions by our clients over recent weeks are whether they can execute documents electronically and whether they are able to rely on documents executed in such a manner. We have issued guidance in respect of our jurisdictions:


The use of digital contracts and electronic signatures in the British Virgin Islands

Cayman Islands

Digital contracts and electronic signatures


Electronic Signing


Electronic signatures and the use of technology

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Ogier's team is fully versed in the use of Electronic Signatures and Digital Contracts across our global jurisdictions. We can also prepare digital contracts for electronic signature on our clients' behalf, enabling them to benefit from the technology without needing to invest in the infrastructure themselves. To find out more, contact any of the team members on the right or visit our online services page.

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