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Ogier Regulatory Consulting Director Amanda Reilly on the value of "always learning"


09 November 2023


3 min read

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"Always learning" is a mindset. There are many ways to grow and develop at Ogier, no matter where you work. You may be looking to learn new skills to support your current role, keen to understand different ways to develop your career over time, or you may want to understand what practical options are available to you right now.

Ogier Regulatory Consulting director Amanda Reilly has taken the "always learning" mindset to heart throughout her career. She recently sat down with Jersey Finance for their podcast mini-series, Your Future in Finance, to discuss her journey through working life and why she will continue to develop her skills and knowledge through learning and qualifications. Here are some highlights of what she had to share.

Career background

Before I joined Ogier, I spent six years at the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC), and before that a very long time in the finance industry. I primarily have a background in banking and investment business, but because I had those six years at the JFSC I have a really good understanding of all the sectors within the financial services industry. I have undertaken roles in the front, middle and back office. The professional qualifications I have taken over the course of my career have covered all those areas, and some of those I taken in front facing roles have supported me in other roles I have undertaken further down my career. I've also completed qualifications very specific to the finance industry sectors that I didn't have necessarily as much experience in, for example a STEP qualification in international trust management so I could get a better understanding of the trust company business sector.

Deciding to further professional qualifications

It was part of a continuous journey to support my learning and development. I think it's really important to do so, you can never stand still. The regulatory framework, regulation and financial services and products are constantly evolving, and you have to evolve with it. I am taking a qualification now in respect of cryptocurrencies because that is a new area for me in terms of my understanding and development. I've got a good understanding of financial crime and AML, but I really needed to expand my understanding of cryptocurrency.

Choosing the right qualifications to complement your current role

I looked at range of different training providers to supplement the existing knowledge that I have. The provider that I have gone with, I have actually completed a number of qualifications with them, so I understand how they work, the gravitas they have. The way they provide learning and development actually suits me and the way I learn. That was also important for me to consider because you can choose different qualifications, but you have to find out what suits you best to enable you to then apply that learning in your day-to-day environment. From studying with them previously, I knew the outcomes from those courses work really well for me.

Integrating studies with your personal and professional life

It can be tough. You have to be resilient and very disciplined in terms of setting time aside. Quite often, we identify we need to do something for our own personal development and find the right training provider and qualification, but we don’t identify how we are then going to fit that in with a busy senior role and personal life. You have to identify the time that you can dedicate to your studying. I'm lucky to be working in an organisation that is all about supporting your development, so I have been allocated time off for study leave to make sure I'm in the best place possible to enable me to complete that exam.

Benefits of a professional qualification and what people should consider when they undertake one

Look widely. It's good to take ones that support you in your current role, but think about how that might also support you in future roles. For example, I became investment qualified many years ago, but that enabled me to then take on roles in a compliance function because the qualification I had, which also supported me in frontline selling, then enabled me to do advice quality, which formed part of the compliance function, this helped me move into compliance based roles. It has enabled me to change the path of my career because I have completed those front, middle and back office roles and my qualifications have spanned all those different departments, enabling me to utilise the skills and knowledge I gained when completing those qualifications.

It has also been beneficial when potential employers have looked at my CV and seen that I am dedicated to supporting the practical knowledge I need to fulfil my roles, but also to understand the theory behind what I am doing. It also helps you as a leader because it shows your team that you have also dedicated time to furthering your knowledge and development, which enables you to empathise with them in the same position as you understand what it is like to try and juggle a busy professional life with a family life and personal life. It's really helped me from those wider perspectives – it gives you a sense of achievement and shows a level of commitment, so I think there are many benefits to undertaking professional qualifications.

Balancing soft skills and practical skills

I have also taken qualifications in coaching and mentoring because I thought it was important for me as a leader. I have been responsible for some big teams, so it's been important to have the technical knowledge to complete a role but also to have those soft skills to be able to coach and mentor. It makes you a better leader because I think the only way you can inspire people is to make sure you are constantly learning, looking how to improve yourself, taking on feedback about what you might need to do differently. If you are thinking about senior roles and really progressing you career, it's great to have qualifications or courses that will support you with both skill sets.

You can listen to the full podcast here:

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