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Meet the class of Ogier's Talent4Impact 2022


13 October 2022

Hong Kong

Ogier's Talent4Impact fellowship has welcomed nine new fellows to its 2022 programme.

The two-month fellowship is sponsored by Ogier and was co-founded in 2021 with Dream Impact and the Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFi) with the aim of nurturing talent in the sustainable investing and impact marketplace by offering practical work experience in the industry.

This year's programme has Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC), Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) and WWF Hong Kong on board as industry partners.

During the programme, which is based in Hong Kong, fellows will complete two placements with Talent4Impact's founding organisations or industry partners.

"We received some outstanding applications for our 2022 programme and we're delighted to have selected nine individuals who have demonstrated their genuine passion for developing their knowledge and skillsets in sustainable investment and impact," said Leonie Kelly, Global Head of Sustainable Investment Consulting.

The class of Talent4Impact 2022 includes:

Billy Wang

Billy worked as an investment director with an impact asset manager primarily focused on investing in and developing sustainable indoor salmon farms globally.

"I have been looking for new opportunities in the ESG and impact space, and T4I provides the perfect platform to expand my network and knowledge base.

"Coming from an asset management background, I look forward to learning more about the implementation of ESG practices at asset managers and in impact investments, as well as ways to contribute more to social enterprises with like-minded fellows."

Cat Mitchell

Cat has been living in Hong Kong for three years and has more than five years' experience working in Southeast Asia delivering solutions-driven consultancy to both international and local businesses. Working primarily within start-ups, her roles have centred on management and operations, business development, project management and digital marketing and communications.

"I’ve always wanted to pursue a career that enables me to live my values, combining work with purpose. Moving into a career focussed on sustainable finance offers an opportunity to create innovative solutions that intersect public, private and social sectors which drive the global transition to net zero and a sustainable future."

Guillaume Page

For the past six years, Guillaume has worked within the banking and investment sector in Hong Kong as an investment analyst/investment manager. His most recent role is advising clients (HNWI, entrepreneurs, families) on investments across different asset classes.

"As part of my work, and also out of personal curiosity, sustainable investment has become a greater focus in the last few years. The T4I programme offers a great opportunity to receive practical experiences from organisations dealing with various aspects of ESG, impact investments, and social enterprise. I believe the variety of expertise between the six organizations is a key value for fellows.

"I am looking forward to learning from our mentors and having a great exposure to their current projects and also long-term missions."

Judy Ho

Judy works in the international development field with World Vision as a senior technical advisor in livelihoods, environmental management, and climate actions, focusing on projects across Asia and Africa. Prior to this, she was an environmental consultant with AECOM, specialising in climate change, waste management, due diligence and corporate sustainability.

"As I am exploring the next chapter in my career, I want to acquire the needed skills in impact investing, so I can be equipped with the financial language to articulate the board spectrum of ESG concepts to and for investors, along with improving my core competencies in the ESG space.

"I look forward to learning on the job as well as meeting passionate professionals who share the same vision in creating positive social and environmental impact."

Kristin Hartono

Kristin has 10 years of experience in the commodity trading industry, working in the US, London, and Hong Kong, specifically in the thermal coal and steelmaking products space. After taking a career break for three years after having children, Kristin took on the leading role of a children’s ministry in a church for almost five years.

"I would like to pursue sustainability as my next career path to follow my passion in this urgent and important issue facing our home. T4I is a great opportunity for a sustainability newbie like me to get practical work experience alongside my graduate study in the field.

"I look forward to meeting like-minded people who deeply care about sustainability and positive impact, learning from them, and learning by doing. I am also excited about leveraging my high emission industry experience in AIGCC's work on climate action and my church work experience at SVhk's work in social entrepreneurship."

Kritika Kashyap

Over the past year, Kritika has been working with Dream Impact on impact investment advisory and fundraising, before which she was a foreign exchange and fixed income analyst for nine years.

"I applied to T4I is part of my exploration journey in the ESG and impact space - a chance to get some hands-on experience of the different kinds of roles that one can do that have environmental impact.

"I am looking forward to meeting people with a similar passion as me for finding solutions for climate change. It's been incredible meeting the T4I organisations, learning about the work they're doing, and meeting my fellow T4I fellows."

Loz Wong

Loz works in fundraising and partnerships for the charity Feeding Hong Kong. Previous experience includes CSR and staff engagement at listed and private multinational companies, corporate investigations and business intelligence consulting, as well as work for local and Mainland China-based charities and foundations.

"I encountered impact investing and ESG early on in my career, and I’m interested to learn how this space has developed in recent years. I’m excited to gain real-world experience in these fields, and to learn more about how ESG requirements and reporting will affect companies and their practices.

"I’m looking forward to learning more about the work that the SVhk and SFi teams do on a daily basis, increasing my understanding of ESG, sustainable finance, and reporting. The on-the-job experience stood out to me as a rare opportunity offered by the Talent4Impact programme."

Marky Mak

Marky has a background in supply chain and logistics management, both in-house and as a service provider. Since 2016, he has embarked on a start-up/entrepreneur journey, with projects in fashiontech and sportstech, and pet retail, and is now a mentor for youth start-ups.

"With the big waves in ESG, climate change and sustainability development, I found my experiences are actually quite relevant, in particular within the supply chain sustainability domain. Personally, I am an ocean-lover and have been volunteering myself in underwater clearance and coral restoration works.

"Combining both, I can feel I am connecting the dots between my professional background and personal interests, which triggers my desire to explore more about sustainability and impact investment."

Vandana Razdan

Vandana has had a wide-ranging career path across investment management, consulting and banking. Among the many roles she’s held, she was investment director with one of the largest private equity buyout funds in Asia, in Hong Kong. She has also worked in telecom consulting in Singapore and in corporate banking  in India.

"Impact investing and sustainable finance has always attracted me as a great way of applying my finance and consulting background for a larger purpose. While exploring ways to pivot to impact, I came across the T4I program through its alumni. I liked the structure of the programme, its range of partners, its focus on providing practical work experience along with networking opportunities within the sector. It’s also a great opportunity to be part of cohort of likeminded individuals with a passion for impact.

"I am most looking forward to working alongside the teams at WWF and Ogier, and learning from the experts.”

If your interested in learning more about the programme or being an industry collaborator please get in touch with Sustainable Investment Consulting.



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