Ogier in BVI helps to replant the mangrove forests

Members of the Ogier team in BVI ventured into the swamp mud at the HLSCC mangrove nursery to plant a family of the trees as part of the territory's ongoing project to restore the forests.

Mangrove forests are essential to the local ecosystem, protecting the shoreline, creating a nursery for fish and other marine life, and trapping runoff and sediments. But in 2017, hurricanes left many of these habitats damaged and exposed to the elements. And so, to help mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change, the territory began a mangrove reforestation project.

Once grown, these mangroves, including those planted by the Ogier team, will be transferred to various parts of the BVI to replace those damaged by the hurricanes. As part of the support offered, Ogier also made a donation to the nursery project.

Associate Tiffany Tolliss, who arranged the excursion, said: "We learnt so much about the different mangrove species on the island and the ongoing projects to replant as many mangroves as possible. It was a great, albeit hot, afternoon out of the office and we all really enjoyed being able to lend our hands and spades to the cause."

As part of its CSR programme, Ogier encourages all of its people to support local causes and charities by offering days off to volunteer on an individual or team basis and everyone in the firm – including the most senior partners – gets involved.

Tiffany was joined by Malik George, Ray Wearmouth, Decoy Mactavious, Marilyn Monsanto, Rebecca Clark, Chantal Marquis and Dianne Hodge.

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