Statement on Russia/Ukraine conflict

We condemn Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. We acknowledge our responsibility to act in response to it and in response to the humanitarian crisis it has caused.     

Against this backdrop, we realise that it's important for Ogier to share with our people, our local communities, and the international community what we are doing in response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine:  

  • We have been reviewing all existing and new mandates relating to Russia, Belarus, or where there is a connection to Russia or Belarus.
  • We are not taking on any work related to or promoting the interests of the Russian or Belarusian state, or related to a supporter or enabler of Putin's leadership. 
  • Where appropriate, we are winding down existing mandates in accordance with our legal and professional obligations.
  • Where we believe that a non-sanctioned person or entity may become sanctioned in the future, we will not assist in the structuring of their affairs which might frustrate those potential future sanctions, consistent with the intended purpose and spirit of the sanctions.