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Alan Wong

Alan Wong 黄伟麟

Senior Legal Manager 高级法律经理

Hong Kong

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Alan’s practice focuses on the establishment and structuring of private equity funds, hedge funds and cryptofunds, as well as their regulatory compliance and downstream transactions. He has also advised on various corporate finance matters, including IPOs, M&A, and debt and equity capital market transactions. Alan is part of Ogier's multi-disciplinary Digital Blockchain and Fintech team and Private Equity team. He specialises in fund formation and capital raising and downstream corporate advisory work.

Background and experience

Alan’s practice focuses on the establishment and structuring of open-ended funds and closed-ended funds covering a wide range of strategies, including private equity, venture capital, crypto and blockchain, buyout, pre-IPO, cornerstone and IPO investments, credit, and real estate, as well as their regulatory compliance and downstream transactions. He has also advised on various corporate finance matters, including IPOs, M&A, and debt and equity capital market transactions.

Alan is the only person at a non-partner level who is recognised, for two consecutive years, as a Rising Star in both the offshore investment funds and private equity funds categories in Hong Kong by IFLR1000, 2021 and 2022.

Alan is admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong (non-practising). Before joining Ogier, Alan worked as an associate in Jones Day, where he focused on capital market transactions, including advising on Hong Kong IPOs, takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity fund-raising and other general corporate matters, and advising private equity funds and multinational clients on their cross-border investments.

Alan is part of Ogier's Digital Blockchain and Fintech team. He specialises in structuring funds engaged in the sector including funds that pursue cryptocurrency strategies, hold digital assets and invest in blockchain businesses. His clients include some of the most well-known venture capital firms in the blockchain space and the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms, as well as their key executives.

Alan is part of Ogier's multi-disciplinary Private Equity team. He specialises in (a) fund formation and capital raising, including (i) structuring advice and fund formation; (ii) advising on, and forming, co-investment vehicles, AIVs, parallel funds, employee incentive schemes; (iii) advising on ongoing fund operation (including regulatory compliance); (iv) LP advisory services, and (b) downstream corporate advisory work.

Alan's achievements (including his experience prior to joining Ogier) include:

  • Advising a HNW client on the establishment of a Cayman Islands investment fund to act as a joint venture partner with one of the largest private equity investors in Asia-Pacific for their US$300 million take-private of a medical diagnostics company listed on the Taipei Exchange
  • Advising one of Asia's leading investment firms on its subscription of high-yield bonds and warrants of a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Advising a leading European-Asian private equity firm focused on industrial and medical technology investments in the European and North American mid-market on its various downstream acquisitions and exits
  • Assisting Cybernaut New Frontier in the launch of a US$300m Cayman Islands venture fund targeting AI and fintech start-ups in China
  • Assisting various private equity firms based in China in the launch of their first USD-denominated private equity fund based in Cayman
  • Assisting Hammer Capital in its launch of Hammer Capital Opportunities Fund L.P., a member of an investor consortium with Tencent Holdings (HKSE: 700) in the US$1.1 billion take-private of Bitauto Holdings Limited (NYSE: BITA)
  • Assisting ORI Capital in the launch of ORI Healthcare Fund II, its second healthcare-centered venture capital fund with a target close of US$400 million
  • Assisting one of the largest independent financial groups in Asia in the launch of a Cayman Islands US$200 million private equity fund focusing on growth stage entities engaged in TMT, healthcare and consumer sectors in China, and the establishment of a BVI investment fund serving as its proprietary vehicle for investing in the group's ETF products worldwide
  • Assisting a leading Chinese venture capital firm in the launch of a Cayman Islands investment fund focusing on transformative agrifood technology
  • Assisting Harvest Capital Management and Harvest Global Capital Investments on multiple Cayman Islands fund launches
  • Assisting a venture capital firm focused on the healthcare industry in the launch of a Cayman Islands investment fund for subscribing high-yield debenture issued by a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Assisting New Frontier Health in the launch of multiple Cayman Islands investment funds as participants of the investor consortium in the US$1.582 billion take-private of New Frontier Health Corporation (NYSE: NFH)
  • Assisting Epivision Equity Partners in the launch of a Cayman Islands healthcare-centered venture capital fund with a target close of US$350 million
  • Assisting a global private equity fund manager focusing on investments in semiconductor and other high-tech industries in the launch of multiple buyout funds in the Cayman Islands
  • Assisting Alta Capital Real Estate in the launch of a US$50 million Cayman Islands real estate fund, a hospitality fund with a focus on sustainability and wellness
  • Assisting a top-tier alternative investment firm based in Korea focusing on venture capital, private equity and infrastructure in the launch of two clean energy funds in the Cayman Islands
  • Assisting Old Fashion Research in the launch of its US$100 million fund focusing on investments in various blockchain ecosystems, including through early-stage incubation, venture capital investments, merger and acquisition and other special situation investments
  • Assisting in the establishments of various cryptofunds with a focus on cryptocurrency and other blockchain investments
  • Assisting various private equity firms and IPO applicants with the formation of employee incentive schemes and carried interest plans

Alan obtained his LL.M (Corporate Law) degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2014, and his LL.B degree from The University of Hong Kong in 2012.

Alan speaks fluent Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

Admitted in:
2016 – Hong Kong (non-practising)




Profile (Simplified Chinese)

黄伟麟 (Alan) 的执业领域主要集中于设立与搭建开放式及封闭式基金,投资策略涵盖私募股权、创投、加密货币及区块链、全面并购、上市前/基石/新股认购投资、信贷及房地产等领域,并就该等基金的监管合规及下游交易提供意见。同时,他亦就数字区块链和金融科技以及各企业融资项目事宜提供意见,包括首次公开发行、并购、债务和股本资本市场交易。

Alan 是唯一一位连续两年以非合伙人身份于香港被 IFLR1000 (2021年和2022年)认定为离岸投资基金和私募股权基金两个领域的后起之秀 (Rising Star)。

Alan 为香港认许事务律师(非执业)。在加入奥杰之前,Alan于众达国际法律事务所(Jones Day)担任律师一职,并专注于资本市场交易,包括为香港首次公开发行、收购、并购、债务和股本融资以及其他一般公司业务事宜提供法律意见。于私募基金和跨国客户的跨境投资方面,他亦富有就相关项目提供法律意见的经验。


Alan同时亦为奥杰跨范畴私募股权团队的成员。他擅长于(a) 基金设立和集资,包括:(i) 架构建议和基金设立;(ii) 协助成立共同投资载体、替代投资载体(AIV)、平行基金、员工激励计划;(iii) 就基金持续运作(包括监管合规)提供意见;(iv) 就有限合伙人(LP)的投资提供意见;及(b) 就投资基金的下游公司业务事宜提供意见。他的成就(包括加入奥杰之前的经验)包括:

  • 为一位高净值客户设立开曼群岛投资基金,该基金与亚太地区其中一所最大的私募股权投资者组成投资者财团,并以3亿美元私有化在台北交易所上市的医疗诊断公司

  • 协助一家领先亚洲的投资权机认购香港联交所上市公司发行的高收益债券和认股权证并提供法律意见

  • 为一家领先欧亚及并专注于欧洲和北美中端市场工业和医疗技术的投资私募股权机构就其下游的各种收购和退出提供法律意见

  • 为Cybernaut New Frontier设立3亿美元的开曼群岛创投基金,该基金将专注投资位于中国的人工智能和金融科技初创企业

  • 为多家总部位于中国的私募股权机构于开曼群岛设立其首支美元私募基金

  • 为黑马资本设立Hammer Capital Opportunities Fund LP,作为与腾讯控股(香港联交所:700)成立的投资者财团成员,以对易车控股有限责任公司(纽约证券交易所:BITA)提出私有化,该私有化总值11亿美元

  • 为新元资本设立ORI Healthcare Fund II,该基金为新元资本的第二支康健护理创投基金,意向规模为4亿美元

  • 为亚洲最大的独立金融集团之一设立2亿美元的开曼群岛私募基金,该基金专注投资于中国从事数字新媒体(TMT)、医疗保健和消费领域的成长期企业,及为其于英属维尔京群岛设立自营投资载体用以投资集团于全球发行的ETF(交易所买卖基金)产品

  • 为一家中国领先的创投企业设立开曼群岛投资基金,该基金专注投资变革性农业食品技术

  • 为嘉实资本管理及嘉实国际投资于开曼群岛设立多支投资基金

  • 为一家专注于医疗保健行业的创投企业设立开曼群岛投资基金,以认购一家位于多伦多证券交易所上市公司发行的高收益债券

  • 为新风医疗集团设立多个开曼群岛投资基金,作为投资者财团成员以对新风医疗集团公司(纽约证券交易所:NFH)提出私有化,该私有化总值16亿美元

  • 为 Epivision Equity Partners 于开曼群岛设立康健护理创投基金,意向规模为3.5亿美元

  • 为一家专注于半导体核心技术及其他新兴高端技术的全球私募股权机构于开曼群岛设立多支全面并购基金

  • 为Alta Capital Real Estate 于开曼群岛设立房地产基金,意向规模为5千万美元,该基金将专注投资以可持续性(sustainability)及整体健康 (wellness)为主题的酒店项目

  • 为一家专注于创投、私募股权及基建投资的顶尖韩国另类投资机构于开曼群岛设立两支可再生能源基金

  • 协助Old Fashion Research设立1亿美元基金,专注于投资各种区块链生态系统,包括早期孵化、初创投资、并购和其他特殊情况投资

  • 协助成立多家数字货币基金,投资策略涵盖加密货币及其他区块链投资

  • 为多家私募股权机构及准上市公司于开曼群岛搭建员工激励计划及绩效收益分成计划




2016 – 香港(非执业)

"Knowledgeable and responsive. I have worked with a few other offshore firms too and they are definitely one of the best in town."

IFLR 1000, 2022

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"Provides practical and precise advice promptly, which is very helpful and exactly what we are looking for! Very experienced and commercial in the investment funds area."

IFLR 1000, 2022

"Rising Star"

IFLR 1000, 2021

"Responsive and provided high quality work in the very tight deadlines we imposed."

IFLR 1000, 2021

"Their response was always very quick and logical."

Client feedback, 2019


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