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We have the expertise to handle the most demanding transactions. Our commercial understanding and experience of working with leading financial institutions, professional advisers and regulatory bodies means we add real value to clients’ businesses.

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Our sector approach relies on smart collaboration between teams who have a deep understanding of related businesses and industry dynamics. The specific combination of our highly informed experts helps our clients to see around corners.

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Ogier provides practical advice on BVI, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Irish, Jersey and Luxembourg law through our global network of offices across the Asian, Caribbean and European timezones. Ogier is the only firm to advise on this unique combination of laws.

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加密货币纠纷的法律顾问首选——奥杰获任命担任 FTX Digital Markets清盘人的法律顾问 Ogier the go-to firm for crypto disputes with appointment to represent liquidators of FTX Digital Markets (Simplified Chinese)


17 February 2023

British Virgin Islands

1 min read

奥杰的国际英属维尔京群岛(BVI)法律团队获任命担任已倒闭的加密货币交易所 FTX Digital Markets的巴哈马联合临时清盘人的法律顾问。这是迄今为止最大的加密货币纠纷案件,奥杰现于加密货币相关的诉讼中稳居市场领先地位。


这是奥杰国际英属维尔京群岛(BVI)法律团队的第二起重大加密货币纠纷。该团队于亚洲、加勒比海和欧洲均设有办事处,彼此之间合作无缝,并曾经担任加密货币对冲基金三箭资本(Three Arrows Capital Limited) 的联合清盘人的法律顾问。

奥杰英属维尔京群岛办事处(BVI)的合伙人Grant Carroll 表示:「随着所谓的加密货币冬天到来,我们看到越来越多与加密货币相关的纠纷在我们的司法管辖区出现,尤其是在加勒比海地区。这起诉讼对加密货币行业来说意义重大,我们很高兴能够担任FTX Digital Markets 的联合临时清盘人的法律顾问。」

奥杰香港办事处合伙人Justin Davis表示:「奥杰在香港和英属维尔京群岛(BVI)提供实质性法律支援的能力,在眼下所见的加密货币相关的纠纷中为我们的客户提供了特殊的价值。加密货币诉讼是一个快速发展的法律领域,结合了资产追索、欺诈和资金纠纷等传统诉讼早已确立的原则,以及资产性质的新颖性所带来的新的考虑要点和问题。这是我们团队在过去几个月里接下的第二起全球性加货币密纠纷案件,我们预计这个趋势将延续下去。」

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