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We have the expertise to handle the most demanding transactions. Our commercial understanding and experience of working with leading financial institutions, professional advisers and regulatory bodies means we add real value to clients’ businesses.

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Our sector approach relies on smart collaboration between teams who have a deep understanding of related businesses and industry dynamics. The specific combination of our highly informed experts helps our clients to see around corners.

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Ogier provides practical advice on BVI, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Irish, Jersey and Luxembourg law through our global network of offices across the Asian, Caribbean and European timezones. Ogier is the only firm to advise on this unique combination of laws.

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Ogier Regulatory Consulting - cyber security services


24 April 2024

Cayman Islands, Jersey

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Cyber security, compliance and governance are becoming ever more relevant in today’s world as the rapid expansion of technology brings about greater security challenges. Ogier Regulatory Consulting is at the forefront of an ever-changing financial services landscape and can help clients stay on the front foot by providing the most up-to-date advice.

Cyber Compliance

Stay confident and compliant, develop business-driven cyber policies and procedures that stay in line with requirements and budget,
and understand your responsibilities to the regulator. We offer:

  • Policy development, gap analysis and mapping as a service

  • Data Protection Act health checks

  • Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) health checks

  • ISO 27001 Readiness Assessment

Cyber strategy, transformation and assessments

Take advantage of the Ogier Preferred Partner Network and work with specialised services firms managed by Ogier Regulatory Consulting in your jurisdiction. We offer:

  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer vCISO

  • Cybersecurity health check

  • Microsoft 365 configuration assessment and hardening

  • Cyber security solution configuration and performance assessments

  • Third party provider risk assessments

Cyber testing and risk management solutions

We offer a variety of internal and external solutions including:

  • Penetration, red team / blue team testing, sandbox exercises

  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

  • Managed Incident and Event Management Solutions (SIEM)

  • Extended Detection and Response Solutions (XDR)

  • Tabletop Exercises. Incident response, breach response

Data management solutions

Modern tooling for securing datasets whether public or private.

  • Encryption

  • Anonymising

  • Public Key cryptography sharing

Cyber training, education and awareness

Our training content is adaptive and innovative with ongoing development and uses input from educators, IT experts and policy writers. We offer:

  • Next generation continuous cyber training and testing solutions covering social engineering, cyber awareness and phishing

  • Onsite (Cayman) IT, cyber training, testing and awareness solutions

Digital identification

Digital ID solutions offer multiple authentication approaches including facial and voice recognition, passwordless token exchange and increased accountability for your business. Ogier can offer a variety of solutions.

eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer)

Are you ready to streamline your KYC onboarding requirements? Let Ogier Regulatory Consulting provide solutions ready for your jurisdiction from the outset, compliant with local Data Protection Acts and GDPR Regulations.

Meet the team

Ogier Regulatory Consulting’s cyber security experts are talented and experienced in supervision, compliant practice, regulatory policy making, education, audit, risk management and legal work, all of which are often simultaneously require in the regulatory compliance field.

We have global knowledge. Our team is based in the Caribbean and Channel Islands, which enables us to draw on the features of numerous jurisdictions and predict the changes in regimes emanating from international standards.

We support strategy and risk management, striving to position our clients in a place of control in the management of the regulatory, and other, risks.

We align culture and governance and are adaptive in our thinking and our approach, responding to each client’s individual needs and situation.

Our focus on effectiveness means we find solutions and answers, resulting in the most effective system possible using the appropriate resources.

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