Edwin Gomez

Counsel 法律顧問 Hong Kong
Edwin Gomez
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Edwin has a broad practice covering investment funds litigation, contentious trust matters, cross-border restructuring and insolvency and commercial litigation with a particular focus on negligence and breach of duty claims, member and creditor schemes of arrangement and contentious and non-contentious cross-border insolvency.
  • Background & experience

    Prior to Joining Ogier in 2016, Edwin was a Partner in a boutique commercial litigation practice in London, England before moving to the Cayman Islands to practise for a top ranked firm in 2012.  Over the years, Edwin’s Cayman law practice has had a significant nexus with Hong Kong.

    Edwin is part of Ogier's multi-disciplinary Restructuring and Corporate Recovery team. He specialises in negligence and breach of duty claims and cross-border corporate restructuring and reorganisation with experience in member and creditor schemes of arrangement. His achievements include a successful application to the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands for the recognition of liquidators appointed by the High Court of Hong Kong over an exempted Cayman Islands incorporated company.

    Edwin received his Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) in 1999 and completed the Legal Practice Course in 2000 at the University of the West of England, Bristol.  He is fluent in English and Spanish.

    Admitted in:

    2021 - British Virgin Islands
    2012 - Cayman Islands
    2005 - England & Wales

    Edwin is a Registered Foreign Lawyer regulated by the Law Society of Hong Kong.


    Edwin 的执业范围广阔,包括处理各类涉及投资基金的诉讼、信托事务争议、跨境重组和破产事宜以及商业诉讼,并特别专注于有关疏忽和违反职务的索偿、公司成员和债权人的債務整理方案以及具争议性或无争议性的跨境破产事宜。


    •        欧洲及亚洲的英属维尔京群岛法律及开曼群岛法律

    •        公司及金融服务纠纷

    •        争议解决

    •        执行法庭判决和裁决

    •        基金纠纷

    •        国际仲裁

    •        调查和监管的法律服务

    •        重组及企业复苏

    •        股东及估值争议

    •        信托纠纷及私人客户



    Edwin 是奥杰Ogier重组与企业复苏团队的成员。他专责处理疏忽和违反职务的索偿、跨境破产和重组事宜及为公司成员和债权人处理債務整理方案。Edwin过往的成功案例包括曾向开曼群岛大法院成功申请承认由香港高等法院就一所获豁免的开曼群岛公司所任命的清盘人。

    Edwin于1999年获得法律学士荣誉学位,并于2000年在西英格兰大学完成法律实践课程。 Edwin能以流利的英语及西班牙语溝通。



    2021 - 英属维尔京群岛

    2012年 - 开曼群岛

    2005年 - 英格兰和威尔斯


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