Wills Questionnaire

To complete this questionnaire, simply print your own PDF version using the link to the right.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Personal details

Your full name  
Maiden or former names  



Date of birth  
Marital status (please specify)



In a civil partnership

Full address



Telephone number



E-mail address                                                    
Do you have any existing Wills?  
If yes, where are they held?  

Domicile ie Where do you consider
your permanent home to be?


2. Your family

Full name of husband / wife / civil partner
/ unmarried partner
Their address (if different from yours)



Full names and ages of children



Their address (if different from yours)



3. Your immovable estate (ie. freehold property in Jersey)

Please describe the immovable estate that you presently own.

Please specify who should receive your immovable property, specifying each property separately. If there is more than one recipient, please state whether equal shares or any relevant proportions.

Beneficiaries Address        Proportion    













4. Your movable estate (i.e. everything other than your freehold property)

Specific bequests - please detail any items (i.e. paintings, jewellery, etc.) or cash sums that you may want your beneficiaries to receive.

Beneficiaries                 Relationship (if any) Item or sum of money

The remainder - who should receive the remainder of your movable estate and in what proportions?

Beneficiaries              Relationship             Proportion                 

Who would you like to receive the remainder of your movable estate if the named primary recipient predeceases

Beneficiaries Relationship Proportion

5.  Digital Assets (ie online banking, photographs, music)

You may not feel the need to specifically provide for these in your will (although you can if you wish) but you should think about maintaining a list of online accounts and their passwords etc to make it easier for your executor to deal with your estate.

6. Do you wish to specify any funeral arrangements? Please specify:

Burial or cremation                                              
Preferred funeral directors  
Other details:



7. Executor(s)

An executor applies for a grant of probate in respect of your movable estate, and once appointed, is responsible for gathering in and accounting for all your assets and settling all your debts.  Once all the debts are paid, the executor can distribute any remaining assets.

Any mentally competent adult can be an executor, if a professional executor is appointed, it is usual for them to charge for his or her services.

Would you like Ogier to provide an Executor? 



If no, please name your chosen executor(s)





In the event that your first named executor predeceases you or doesn't wish to act, who would you like to appoint in their place?

Would you like Ogier to provide an Executor? 



If no, please name your chosen executor(s)









For more information on who can benefit your Will, or what would happen if you don't leave a Will, please click here.


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