Ogier Regulatory Consulting

Navigating regulatory regimes is increasingly challenging. Capable, knowledgeable and experienced specialists are in short supply.  

Clients need proactive regulatory, compliance and AML consultancy services to help identify, manage and respond to issues even before they arise. At Ogier Regulatory Consulting, we have expertise in regulatory requirements, drawing on experience as regulators, advisors, policy makers and practitioner compliance officers.

Working alongside Ogier's global team of regulatory law specialists, our legal and compliance advice is seamless, high quality and cost effective. With our international team of regulatory lawyers advising on which and how laws must be complied with, our compliance consultants advise on the operational implementation of programmes to meet those legal requirements. For example, regulatory lawyers might advise a regulated client that they need a cybersecurity policy and what this should cover; our compliance consultants will work with the client to develop and implement a policy that is tailored to the client's specific infrastructure.

For many financial services clients our advice begins with a needs assessment and review of the client's latest risk assessments. In conjunction with Ogier's regulatory legal team we can identify applicable regulatory requirements and the appropriate course of action. We then facilitate the approval of the work required by those responsible for governance. We can be engaged in the discharge of those action points or return at a future time to review the completion, reporting any further recommendations.

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Ogier Liberty is our Cayman-based offering for regulatory consultancy services, AML audits and training. Find out more here

For information on Ogier Liberty's Training solutions in the Cayman Islands, visit the Compliance Training Series site.


We provide services as consultancy only, or in collaboration with our legal practice, combining substantial regulatory knowledge with expertise in the financial services sector.

  • AML, regulatory and compliance advisory services 
  • Compliance audits, AML audits, regulatory reviews, effectiveness reviews 
  • Compliance monitoring 
  • Remediation support and review services 
  • Regulatory due diligence 
  • AMLCO services to licensed entities in Cayman 
  • AML, regulatory and compliance services training  
  • Training for AMLCOs