Offshore relocations - relocating your family

The past decade has seen a surge in tax efficient and lifestyle motivated relocations to BVI, Cayman, Guernsey, Jersey and Luxembourg.

Relocating your family

Ogier is active in the growing field of offshore relocations, helping high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients relocate to the Channel Islands and Caribbean.

Finding a location that offers the very best tax advantages might be your driving force, but choosing a jurisdiction that is to become your home is about much more. The key is to settle somewhere that works for your wealth but, first and foremost, works for you and your family too.

The process of relocating internationally starts with an assessment of where to move. This deceptively simple question needs detailed consideration. It’s vital to know where you can potentially go, and how you might acquire rights to live and/or work there.

If you’re relocating with family, it’s important to understand how easy it is for them to accompany you. Once you arrive in your new home, how simple is it to buy a house, or start a business? What’s the education system like? How’s the healthcare? On the tax front, you will need to understand how the move impacts on your overall tax and reporting obligations. Are there any local taxes that you need to consider?

BVI, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey and Luxembourg are cosmopolitan locations that offer a beautiful, secure place to live with traditional values sitting at the very heart of a contemporary lifestyle.

Are you planning to relocate your business?

Our guide to HNWI relocations to Cayman



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  • Advice on personal and business legal implications of relocation
  • Applications to secure residence in the Channel Islands and Caribbean
  • Helping make ‘settling in’ connections
  • Local tax guidance
  • Options for residence
  • Property purchases and projects
  • Relocation of dependent relatives
  • Retaining rights of residence
  • Restrictions on property ownership