Ogier Global, Governance Services

Ogier Global offers a team of experts that can provide the right governance framework for your corporate structures.



Ogier Global is able to draw from a wide pool of resources, including lawyers, accountants and chartered secretaries to provide our clients with experienced and highly qualified non-executive directors. Renowned for their knowledge of financial markets and managing complex structures, our directors can add value to your board, by providing a high standard of corporate governance as well as insightful knowledge of the laws and regulations in each of our jurisdictions.

  • Provision of one or more resident directors
  • Attendance at regular board meetings
  • Discharge of duties through appropriate involvement in corporate activities
  • Oversight of delegated functions
  • Interaction with sponsors, managers and other service providers
  • Compliance, including review of changes to statutory documentation
  • Provision of alternate directors when required

Board Support Services

Our board support team provides governance support to company directors and works hand in hand with our company secretarial team in order to provide a comprehensive service to our clients. Our services include:

  • Meeting scheduling – Liaising with all attendees to co-ordinate dates for meeting and ensuring the appropriate frequency of meetings
  • Meeting Materials – Preparing agendas, collecting service provider reports and collating board materials
  • Circulating board packs and materials with an agenda required for each meeting which includes all information required by the board in order to fulfil its fiduciary duties
  • Circulation of meeting invite which includes secure conference line facilities for the meeting or provision of facilities in our offices
  • Provision of a Secretary for all meetings, including attendance in-person when required
  • Drafting and circulating high standard minutes of each board meeting, ensuring executed once in final form and proper filing on the minute books at the registered office


For clients that need to establish and demonstrate economic substance, Ogier Global can provide support services including local resident directors, board support, physical presence, and administrative support, including a packaged service for special case entities capable of carrying on core income generating activities (CIGA) at the Board level and suited to a moderate presence on the islands. For entities suited to more enhanced presence, we provide local support in obtaining trade licences, work permits, premises, service providers or dedicated human resources.